Bookcase plans - Exploded 1

So we’ve had the new baby, and my wife asked me to build her a little diy bookcase to go next to her rocking chair in the nursery. The first thing that crossed my mind was that “this is an awesome excuse to get into some shop time”. The second thing that crossed my mind? I’ve got to draw some DIY bookshelf plans so I can get started on this woodworking project.

Here’s the video, showing you how I built the little bookcase.

DIY Bookshelf Build Article

Apply, and then wipe off Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Clicking this takes you to the build article.

There’s also an in depth build article that you can find here. And that has a lot of details not shown in the video or on the plans. This was a quick, easy and fun little project to build. Not to mention functional and beautiful!

Alright, let’s get onto the stuff you’re interested in, the little bookcase plans!

DIY Bookshelf Plans:

So I didn’t go too much into depth on these plans for the little bookshelf. But I did draw up an exploded view, and a put together view. I show two different angles of each view, plus a fifth model of the mortise and tennon legs. Each of the plans or models have some brief dimension lines of how I built mine. But each little bookcase should be built for it’s home. So they’ll all be a little different.

Exploded top right view of the DIY Bookshelf Plans

As you can see, I made the boxes out of plywood and used poplar for an edge banding. I also used the same poplar to create the legs.

Little Bookcase Plans - Exploded 1

DIY Bookshelf Plans – Exploded 1

Exploded bottom left view.

You can see the mortise and tenon better in this plan.  I didn’t want to put a mortise directly into the plywood, so I put it into a leg cap that gets screwed to the bottom of the book case.

DIY Bookshelf Plans - Exploded 2

Little Bookcase Plans – Exploded 2

Put together left/front view.

Here’s a model or plan of the bookshelf put together. I really like the styling and proportions of this one.

DIY Bookshelf Plans - Together 1

Little Bookcase Plans – Together 1

Put together bottom/left view.

And here’s another angle of the shelf put together. Again, these plans and dimensions are what I built, any height, length or depth would work.

DIY Bookshelf Plans - Together 2

Little Bookcase Plans – Together 2

Mortise & tenon leg detail

Here’s how I did the mortise and tenon legs. It’s simple, easy and fast. I made the tenons on the table saw, and cleaned them up with a chisel. And then laid out the mortises and created them with a forstner bit and the chisel.

DIY Bookshelf Plans - Exploded Legs

Little Bookcase Plans – Exploded Legs

And that’s it, these are the little bookcase plans. The bookshelf went together smoothly, and I was really happy with the results. Not to mention my wife loves it next to her nursery rocking chair .

Thanks for checking this and my website out, and we’ll see ya’ on the next one.

— Adam

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