An image showing you how to pull nails out of pallets, barn wood and/or reclaimed wood.

If you need to pull nails out of pallet wood, barn wood, or reclaimed wood. You’re in the right place

There’s only one way to do it. And it’s a simple little trick that not everyone knows.

What you do is place a sacrificial board on top of the pallet wood, barn wood or reclaimed wood and set the hammer on it before you pull the nail. This protects the surface of the wood you’re reclaiming from the top of the hammer when you apply force to pull the nail.

Not only does it protect your work piece, it also adds a little bit of leverage to the nail pulling. The video above is a way better explanation than that was. And it’s only like a minute and a half long.

Just another little quickie tip. Thanks for watching!

— Adam

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