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Headphone stand template.

I wanted a place to keep my headphones, it had to be something that was completely unique. So I created my own headphone stand template and then used that to make my own stand. I ended up making a couple of them because it’s easier to reproduce while you’re doing the project. Anyways, here it is.

The Build Video

Here’s the video I made showing how I used this headphone stand template to create my headphone hangers. I made one for myself, and one for my father in law.

The Headphone Stand Template

Here is the template I used. The first is scaled 1:1 on a legal  [8.5″ (216mm) x 14.0″
(356mm)] sheet of paper. The second two are the top and bottom the headphone stand, on letter [8.5″ (215.9mm) x 11.0″ (279.4mm)] paper.

Legal Size Template

If you can print legal sized sheets, just print this out and transfer it out to your plywood template.

Letter Size Templates

If you don’t have legal paper, just print these letter-sized sheets out and connect them at the center line. I used clear tape to hold them together while I transferred the design to my plywood template.

The Build Article

Then I glued up the base and stem mortise and tenon.

And this is an in depth build article with some more information about how I built the headphone stand.

Thanks for checking out my stand templates / plans. If you found this helpful or you used it, let me know in the comments! Either here, or on my YouTube Woodworking Channel.

Thanks Again, and I’ll see you on the next project!

— Adam

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