DIY Drill Bit Organizer

By November 19, 2015Builds, Projects, Shop Projects
An image of how I layed out the drill bits.

I need to organize my drill bits. Let’s see what we can do.

I have a bunch of unorganized drill bits. I keep quite a few in my work truck, but these here are the bits that live in my shop. Most of them are forstner bits. The rest are brad points, countersinks, standard titanium wood/metal/plastic bits and a bunch of randoms I use on the regular. I am in dire need of some type of a drill bit organizer, so let’s see what I came up with in this video.

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Here’s How I Built This DIY Drill Bit Organizer

I have them in a drawer, and they just rattle around and bang up against each other whenever I open or close said drawer. I was really thinking that I wanted to organize them in a fashion that number one they were easy to get to, and number two they stayed sharper because they weren’t clanging up against each other.

An image of my drill bits before they were organized.

Here’s what my drill bits looked like before I organized them.

Now I know that a dull drill bit will still make a hole. But especially with the forstner and brad point bits, being sharp really helps eliminate a lot of the tear out when you enter the material. I don’t like tear out, so I’m going to come up with a way that’s cheap, easy, and damn near free to organize all of them with room to expand my collection later. Plus, drill bit’s are expensive and this is a solid way to keep them in prime fighting shape.

1. Rip Down Some Scrap.

What I did was take a few scraps of melamine. Melamine is particle board with a laminate on both sides. I’ve been making some simple shop cabinets lately for storage and there really are a lot of cut offs because the material that I have was free. Lemme splain, I pulled it out of a job and I’ll venture to say that I salvaged 6 or 8 sheets. But it was all cut into shelves and cabinet boxes. So this made for quite a bit of waste because I didn’t have full 4’x8′ sheets. Just a bunch of random lengths and widths, and holes and hardware to cut around so the new cabinets looked as clean as possible.

This is an image of me cutting down the melamine to make the drill bit organizer.

Me cutting down the scrap melamine ‘for make‘ my drill bit holder.

Anyways, I took a little bit of the scrap and I cut it so that they were 8 inches wide by 15 7/8 of an inch deep (My drawer is 16″ deep). Which allowed me to be able to reach the center of this board (4″) on my little inadequate drill press, and also fit length wise into the drawer that I want this drill bit organizer to sit in. This gave me two panels that I can store drill bits on, enough room for two standard drill bit indexes on the other side of the drawer, and room to expand my drill bit collection on the panels.

Drill Some Holes For The Bits

Then I drilled some holes in the melamine.

Me drilling holes in the melamine for the drill bit organizer.

I then drilled holes in the melamine, the size of each drill bit shaft.

Write Down The Sizes, And Set The Bits

These holes were just a little bit bigger than the shaft of the drill bits, which allowed them to slip in and stand up. Now you can lay your drill bits out however you want. That’s the beauty of this particular organizer. But this is how I laid one of my two panels out out. I even wrote down the sizes with an inkzall, fancy right?

An image of how I layed out the drill bits.

This is how I laid out my drill bit organizer for the forstner bits.

And this is how I laid the other one out. It’s similar, but has more of the countersink and random bits. There’s no rhyme or reason so who I laid the boards out this way.

An image of the second drill bit organizer I made.

The second drill bit organizer I made.

And that’s it. You can now stand up all of your drill bits, on however many panels you’d like to make. And store them wherever you’d like to store them. Mine just happen to go into a tool box drawer. Which one day will hopefully be replaced with a drill press cabinet, and proper drill press.

And You’re Done

You can also drill these into a block of wood if that’s what you have. But this melamine was what I had on hand and it worked phenomenally for this particular drill bit storage project. This is what mine ended up looking like:

An image of my complete drill bit storage system.

My final drill bit storage system.

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